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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Well here we are with a new website, what was wrong with our old one you may ask? The answer would be nothing, but I am not what you call very technical minded and needed a simpler platform to work with, in all honesty I much prefer to be in the work shop making candles and experimenting with new fragrances than sat in the office looking at a computer screen but this part has to be done.

So several platforms, designs, free trials and a lot of frustration later, I settled on Wix and here I am typing my first of hopefully many blog posts to come.

Do I really need a website ? That has been a question on my mind probably every day over this whole process, and every time I talk myself out of having one, a customer will ask if I have one! Which answers my original question. Yes I do.

So I will take a couple more sips of this coffee (because coffee is life) and get back to trying to get this up and running.

If you see this blog , it means I did it!!!

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